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  • "Theo has been going to Kate since he was 4 months old. She does an amazing job. I’m not the best at keeping up between grooms so he goes for his spa day every 6 to 8 weeks. Kate works her magic on him and it’s always a WOW when I pick him up. I love that there’s only one getting groomed at a time - makes it more relaxed for the doggies. There aren’t many groomers that know how to groom a rough collie correctly - so thankful that I found Kate! Simply put - she’s world class!!s"

    Lori C.

  • "Today was Rosie’s first appointment with Kate and I have to say, she was a lot of work! She needed a bath and she had mats that needed attention. What I love about Kate is her attention to detail and making sure the dog is comfortable. We have a high maintenance girl who requires pampering! I can say we are very impressed with how her coat turned out! Kate does a beautiful job! We have our next appointment already lined up. Thanks Kate! So glad we found you!"

    Barb R.

  • "Zoé our Bernedoodle puppy had her first grooming session today, and she loved it! It was like a special Spa Day for her! She was very much at ease with Kate and Kat, and didn’t want to leave when it was done! She looked absolutely fantastic, and smelled so fresh and clean! Zoé will definitely be a repeat customer!"

    CJ K.

  • "I have had so many issues with so many groomers over the years. FINALLY! We found Kate, and Agnes does not freak out to get her hair done anymore! She loves it and it makes me so relieved that I don’t have to worry! She’s so happy to have her hair done!"

    Claire G.

  • "I'm so thrilled to have found Kate. My rough collie is not easy to work with. It's been difficult to find and keep a groomer. He is high anxiety and hates being groomed. He would come home smelling nice from previous groomers, but still full of mats. The last experience we had, he was shaved without my permission and that groomer blamed him. Kate worked with my baby, one on one, which I now realized is what he required all along. During his groom, she was communicative and even sent me pictures of him to ease my stress. He came out perfect. Softest he's ever been, no mats, and no unnecessary shaving. He got very stressed out by the dryer, so she took her time with him, rather than rushing through and creating stress levels that with other groomers, may have led to him getting snappy (which made those groomers mad at him and me, but I don't believe their rushing him should be his fault!). She understands dogs and clearly loves them. We've found a forever groomer with Kate. Side note, unlike any other groomer out there, Kate will even give you tips and tricks to brushing, including what tools to use, to help you keep your dog maintained up til next groom!! Thank you Kate!"

    Jenny H.

  • "We have a black lab and a Newfoundland puppy and they both came back so happy and beautiful!! Their coats were so soft and shiny and they looked so perfect and fresh! She is so knowledgeable about her products and different dogs coats. She even offered me very helpful advice for our brushing regimen as our Newfie girl gets her adult coat as we have been troubleshooting! The girls smelt so good for so long I couldn’t stop hugging and sniffing them haha I just love Kate and her professionalism. Cannot recommend her enough! So thankful for her expertise!"

    Jadyn S.

  • "So good! After having several bad experiences with other groomers and having a scared/anxious pup (probably from those groomers) Kate did an AMAZING job with my sweet goldendoodle. He just needed someone to be patient and gentle with him. She took such good care of him and gave him a great cut. We will be coming back forever!"

    Joelle W.

  • "We are so happy that we found Kate!! She is so kind and caring with our little guy. She is everything I had hoped to find in a groomer to help ME with my anxiety about grooming a high maintenance doodle. I was so nervous to leave my baby with just anyone, but as soon as I met Kate, I knew he would be in good hands. I was keen to make sure our new puppy’s experience with grooming was positive from the start, and Kate took her time to explain the process to me and to get to know our pup. Rugby loves going to see Kate and runs straight to the door. We couldn’t be happier with our experience!"

    Annette M.

  • "Kate took such good care of my girl!! I’ve been pretty traumatized from the last few groomers I’ve tried and Cali always ended up shaved but I heard some good things about this place and so I decided to give it a try. Cali’s coat is full of very tight curls so it can be difficult to maintain but Kate reassured me that she was not nearly as matted as I thought and said she would be able to take the time to comb through it!! She was even helpful in explaining tips and tricks for me to help keep up with her coat at home. So thankful we finally found such a great groomer, we will see you again in 6 weeks"

    Madison G.