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Double Coated Breed Grooming Class

  • $150.00
Rough Collie Grooming
Presented by: Grooming with Kate

This class is based on rough collies, but will apply to most double coated breeds including Great Pyrenes, Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, etc.

 We will cover the following topics –

  •  The proper tools to use and which ones to avoid, how to safely use your new grooming tools, how to mix the correct ratio of water with product, and how to maintain the coat in between baths.
  • Tips to work with stubborn dogs who do not want bathed, feet touched, etc. 
  •  Prep work before the bath – sanitary trim, shaving pads of feet, clipping and grinding nails, clean ears, brush teeth, and line brushing the coat.
  •  Bathing – techniques to help loosen up the undercoat, what products to use, and tips to make bathing easier for both you and your collie.
  •  Drying – how to properly blow out the coat with a force dryer. (If you are not careful you can cause “whip-knots” on a longer coat. A whip-knot is when a force dryer causes the hair to wrap around itself into a knot. Once the damage is done it can be nearly impossible to brush it out.)
  •  Tool Maintenance – how to remove the blade from clippers, cleaning and oiling your blades, installing a new band on your nail grinder.
  •  Class will be held on a live stream so you can groom along with us, or sit back and watch. Since we teach live, you will be able to ask questions throughout the entire groom process.

What to expect after you have purchased a class link (Please ensure that the email you provide is valid. We will be sending all of this information via email) –

  • You will receive the link to join our class, it is very important that you do NOT lose this link. When it is time to join the class all you will need to do is click on the link to join. 
  • In addition, we will be sending you a PDF instructional guide with the highlights of everything we will cover in class. This guide will help to keep you on track while grooming after the class has finished. Trust me, I know it can seem like a lot to remember, but once you get the hang of it you will see how easy it is. Luckily, this guide will also have pictures to help!
  • A document with tools and links of suggested products. For most tools, I list good/better/best options to accommodate all budgets.

Since we teach live, you will be able to ask questions throughout the entire groom process. I would recommend not purchasing tools beforehand.... after you see the tools and descriptions you may change your mind about which ones you'd like to purchase.

Approximate class run time 2.5-3.5hrs. Based on grooming a rough collie, but will apply to many other double coated breeds as well.

Class price is shown in US Dollars.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Colette Ayoob

Kate's class was excellent! She shared her knowledge of grooming double coated dogs using the most cost effective tools and products for the job. She actually groomed a beautiful collie named Bentley while she taught us some tricks of the trade! The class watched her on Zoom as she walked us through the grooming process. We asked questions and Kate provided detailed answers. She also responded quickly to my emailed questions; both before and after the class. She's awesome! i recommend this class to anyone wanting to groom their own double coated dog! I followed her advice and groomed my Scotch Collie. He is happy & looking great!

Good, but not great

Overall, the class offered good information, especially about the tools and products used. However, it was plagued by internet connectivity issues, and even more so by poor camera angles. On some of the most important parts - to me, at least - paws, nails and sanitary trim, it was almost impossible to see the work actually being done. For $150, I would have hoped that perhaps someone could have held the camera or helped her position it for better viewing. Sorry, I wasn't going to say anything - water under the bridge and all that, but you asked, so...

Judy Maney
Rough Collie Grooming Class

Kate and Bentley are awesome! This class was excellent. So glad I got the chance to take it. It was very informative and FUN! Some of the tools I already have - but now I know how to use them correctly. We had 9 participants and Kate took the time to answer everyone's questions throughout. The information supplied after completing the class is extremely helpful. I wish I would have had this class back in 2006 when we got our first Rough Collie. We are now on collies #'s 5 & 6. They will benefit from what I learned from Kate and Bentley. Thank you both so much!

Lizabeth Cardella
Great class

Kate does a great job showing exactly how to groom a collie. She’s also a great resource for tools and products to make the job easier. I’ve always been intimidated by the process and now I feel more confident!

So Informative and great tips

I took the class in 2021 and found it to be very informative. Kate is so kind, friendly, and knowledgeable about grooming. She welcomed all questions and gave us great tips on products to use and what does and doesn’t work (goodbye shedding rake!). I highly recommend this class. Thank you, Kate!